Nobelium: The SolarWinds Hackers is Back With Another Cyber Attack

Nobelium, the Russian cyber criminal group that is believed to carry out the massive SolarWinds attack, launches a new attack campaign!

After a China-based cyber attack targeted Microsoft’s business email servers earlier this year, the tech giant has now issued a warning of an ongoing cyber attack by the Nobelium group. Microsoft warns of a sophisticated attack by the Russian hacking group targeting government agencies, NGOs, consultants, think tanks, and its customers worldwide.

In the latest cyber incident, Nobelium used a government agency’s account credentials to run a phishing campaign. This resulted in the breach of 3,000 individual accounts across more than 150 organizations.

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Those who are not aware of the Nobelium cyber criminal group. It is the same hacking group believed to be behind the SolarWinds attack. The cyber attack trembled the agencies and organizations worldwide. The group gained access to U.S. government agencies, critical infrastructure entities, and private sector organizations.

This time the infamous group is believed to be succeeded in gaining access to the Constant Contact account of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Microsoft’s Statement on the Incident

From USAID’s Constant Contact account, the group was able to “distribute phishing emails that looked authentic but included a link that, when clicked, inserted a malicious file used to distribute a backdoor we call NativeZone’,” said Microsoft Corporate Vice President Customer Security & Trust Tom Burt. “This backdoor could enable a wide range of activities from stealing data to infecting other computers on a network.”

As per the statement from Constant Contact, they were aware of the account of one of its customers that is compromised which the group used to access the customer’s Constant Contact accounts.

This is an isolated incident, and we have temporarily disabled the impacted accounts while we work in cooperation with our customer, who is working with law enforcement,” said Constant Contact.

The abilities of this hacking group show how every individual and industry is vulnerable to cyber attacks. It is a matter of time that every data will be in cyber criminals’ grasp if the agencies and industries do not take the matter seriously.

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