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Best of 2021 – The Rising Online Banking Frauds in India

With the significant rise in the use of digital systems over the years, there has been a rapid increase inContinue reading The post The Rising Online Banking Frauds in India appeared first on Kratikal Blog ... Read More
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Best of 2021 – Leaked Data of Domino’s India Available on Search Engine

It’s been almost a month since Jubilant FoodWorks suffered a massive data breach. Now Domino’s India, the popular pizza brand that belongs to the same group, has reported a huge data leak. According to The Times of India, customers’ personal data related to 18 crore orders that are placed with ... Read More
4th of July Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is the New-age Atomic Bomb

Ransomware can start cyber warfare! This is why. What if you can’t drive to your office because the traffic lights are red everywhere? You were to travel somewhere but you can’t take a train because the train control systems are not working. You can’t even take a flight because the ... Read More
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Kuwait Against Cyber Crimes

Over the past few years, there has been a surge in cyber crimes targeting Kuwait. The number and sophistication of cyber attacks are growing at an unprecedented rate. Today almost every organization in Kuwait is being targeted with cyber threats such as BEC attacks, ransomware, etc. The COVID-19 pandemic has ... Read More
Why KDMARC - An anti-spoofing email domain security tool that secures the outbound mail.

5 Effective Strategies for Robust Cyber Security

Cyber security strategies an organization needs to protect against prevailing cyber threats! Today large companies are taking a step forward in securing their IT infrastructure against cyber criminals by implementing new methodologies and adopting advanced technological cyber security tools. Now, what could this mean for small businesses? It means they ... Read More
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Data Breach: Bye Domino’s, Hello There McDonald’s!

McDonald’s becomes the latest fast-food chain to suffer a data breach Not so long ago, Domino’s India suffered a cyber attack where personal data related to 18 crore orders were exposed online. This time another food chain company has suffered a cyber attack, the giant McDonald’s. According to The Wall ... Read More
Al jazeera cyber attack

Al Jazeera Succeeds in Defending Continuous Cyber Attacks

Pan-Arab news network Al Jazeera said they witnessed several hacking attempts in recent days. However, so far they have succeeded in fending off those cyber attacks! Highlights: Al Jazeera succeeds in thwarting continuous cyber attacks over the recent days Hacking attempts aimed at gaining access, disrupting, and controlling some of ... Read More
JBS pays ransom

World’s Biggest Meat Producer JBS Pays $11m as a Ransom

Brazil-based meat-producing company JBS paid a ransom of $11m in bitcoin to get back online after a ransomware attack! Just recently JBS, the world’s biggest meat producing company was infected by a ransomware virus. The cyber attack caused the meat producer to temporarily shut down its operations. Mostly affecting operations ... Read More
CISO Roles and Responsibilities

An Eye-opener For Modern CISOs!

Every day a CISO spends their time almost entirely in protecting people, assets, and IT infrastructure. However, are they missing anything? Let’s find out! Don’t jump to any conclusion that CISOs are completely blind to the cyber threats surrounding them after reading the title of the blog. Let me remind ... Read More

Hackers Exploit Zero-day in the Fancy Product Designer Plugin

Are you one of those who fancy using WordPress plugins? Or are you using the Fancy Product Designer plugin?  If yes, then you might be in trouble… Fancy Product Designer, a WordPress plugin is one of the best visual product configurator plugins for WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce. It is famous ... Read More