Introducing Rapid Integration Connector: A New Solution for AppSec Tools

Anyone working to stand up or build out a robust AppSec program understands the ongoing need for security scanning tool integrations. Practitioners rely on a “garden shed” of AppSec tools, including open source and leading commercial ones, to support their security efforts. But coordinating them is often easier said than done, primarily because strategic integrations require a tremendous amount of management and oversight—something many organizations don’t have the time or resources to handle. Even so, AppSec tools are essential to creating secure applications and preventing data breaches. And solving this problem is the only way organizations can continue to build secure, high-quality software at the speed of business.

Tools Made Better

We have solved the problem of tool management for our customers with the creation of the ZeroNorth Rapid Integration Connector, a capability that now integrates data a wider range of AppSec and security scanning tools directly into our DevSecOps platform. This new feature translates and formats all data for ingestion into our automated and orchestrated dashboard, essentially normalizing scan findings and reports into a common risk framework.

This integration feature then dedupes, aggregates and compresses related security issues to minimize noise and present clear, actionable vulnerability data. Developers and security teams alike can use this proprietary data refinement process to reduce the number of security issues, making it easier to find and fix vulnerabilities throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC).  With the Rapid Integration Connector, ZeroNorth can support any AppSec scanning tool in less than a day, often in just a few hours.

As a result, our customers can use this data to deliver advanced DevSecOps Analytics and Reporting across all scanning tools. This ability opens a range of other benefits by giving organizations the single source of truth they need—also known as AppSec risk visibility—to properly assess the overall risk and digital hygiene of their security program. This high-level intelligence paired with granular details provides the insight business, security and engineering leaders need to determine where they should focus and direct their valuable resources to:

  • address the highest areas of risk
  • drive better DevSecOps practices
  • enable effective business decisions based on data, not guesswork

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