Imperva® Opens the first dedicated DDoS scrubbing center in Santiago, Chile

Imperva is excited to be further expanding our presence in Latin America by launching a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Santiago, Chile, in partnership with leading Chilean Telecommunications provider Entel Corporations.

Located within Entel’s gold-standard Ciudad de Los Valles datacenter, which has been awarded the highest global certification for operational sustainability, Imperva is well positioned to offer the highest levels of security protection to its customer base across the entire Latin American population.

The move bolsters Imperva’s already-strong presence and levels of security excellence delivered through its existing PoPs in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

Santiago, Chile

According to a recent academic report on cybersecurity, Latin America has been described as the new frontier for cyberattacks due to a growing population, increasing internet connectivity, and nations with rapidly growing economies. The rise in digital technology is also thought to be playing a key role in this trend.

Chile has been one of the Latin America’s fastest-growing economies in recent decades and the fifth largest in the region in terms of gross domestic product (GDP). The country’s capital, Santiago, has established itself as an important center of trade in the region, with a number of thriving industries including financial services, computer technologies and electronics.

With the highest income per person in Latin America, Chile is also ranked first in the region as Latin America’s most active tech hub, earning it the label of “Chilecon Valley”. Add to that its own growing population, over 15 million of whom are connected to the internet in 2020, and Chile sits quite high on the region’s cyber threat list.

Cyber crime is on the rise in Latin America. In the last few years alone, some of the country’s most high-profile banks have been victims of serious cyber attacks costing them millions of dollars as a result of fraudulent attacks.

Benefits for local business

The opening of the new PoP in Santiago is a strategic investment for Imperva. Its presence will hugely benefit businesses and website operators in Chile through improved site performance, due to a 65% reduction in latency and faster mitigation response times. Nearby countries, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Argentina will also benefit from the new Point of Presence.

Chile PoP image

“The launch of the new site in Santiago is a key step for Imperva as it allows us to drastically reduce latency and significantly improve performance of our customers in this important region,” says Ricardo Cazares, Imperva Area Vice-President, Caribbean and Latin America. “By partnering with Entel to open our new PoP within their gold-standard data center, we’re well positioned to offer our customers the highest levels of security protection and operational stability.”

By using dual circuits to connect to primary and secondary locations, maintenance can be carried out on one site with no impact on user experience. Combining full redundancy of power, hardware, switching, routing, transport, and applications, the local Santiago PoP provides a high quality experience in security and stability.

And that’s not all. Like all PoPs in our network, the new Santiago site will boast the full suite of award-winning protection from Imperva:

Imperva Cloud WAF and API Security to protect applications and APIs against the OWASP Top 10 and beyond, with PCI and SOC certifications.

Imperva Advanced Bot Protection addresses ALL OWASP Automated Threats without affecting the flow of business critical traffic. New capabilities of Imperva Advanced Bot Protection include dynamic deception techniques to make it harder for sophisticated bot operators to access a website or mobile app undetected, as well as easier, faster, and more flexible security deployment.

Layer 3/4/7 DDoS mitigation with 24×7 monitoring, guaranteed by an industry-best 3-second DDoS SLA that actually covers any attack that comes your way – not just simple attack vectors.

Security for your infrastructure, covering subnets and individual IP addresses, and adding new layers of protection over the clean pipes services of ISPs.

Name server protection for DNS-targeted attacks.

Integrated Attack Analytics with actionable insights to improve your security posture.

Imperva Runtime Application Self-Protection for security by default against known and zero-day vulnerabilities.

“We are proud to be the first DDoS vendor to offer a dedicated scrubbing center in Chile,” remarked David Elmaleh, Senior Product Manager for DDoS Protection at Imperva. “By ramping up our presence in the region and deploying our Behemoth DDoS mitigation technology, not only do we have the capacity to mitigate the largest and most complex DDoS attacks to protect our customers and their businesses, but we’re also able to offer improved levels of latency and performance from our existing PoPs, which will benefit the entire region.”

Imperva offers a comprehensive, completely cloud-based approach to DDoS mitigation, securing all your assets at the edge for uninterrupted service and operational confidence whether for websites, network devices, DNS servers or individual IPs. With the new data center in Santiago, Imperva now has 45 active Points of Presence which, combined with our comprehensive suite of protection services, our threat research team and our industry expertise, makes Imperva a truly global leader in security solutions.

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