Protect Data from Cyberattacks with 1 Multifunctional Weapon

Protect Data from Cyberattacks with 1 Simple Solution That Keeps Cybercriminals Out and Your Data In

Guess what’s for sale on the Dark Web? If you said, “my company’s passwords”, you’re probably right. In most data breaches, passwords are stolen, adding them to the rich stores of cybercrime tools for sale in Dark Web markets. Password lists are regularly bought, sold and traded as a currency – and that’s not good news for your business if you’re relying on passwords alone to protect data from cyberattacks.

Would you trust a flimsy lock for your front door? Then why are you trusting one for your data? Add a stronger lock between cybercriminals and your business when you learn to Build Better Passwords.


Passwords are BOGO Every Day on the Dark Web

It’s laughably easy for cybercriminals to get lists containing thousands of compromised passwords on the Dark Web. In the last few months, more than 25k login credentials from prominent organizations have hit the Dark Web, and more treasure troves like that are delivered to bad actors every day. Cybercriminals often don’t even need to pay for the information. Dark Web data dumps hold millions of stolen passwords that can be quickly harvested and used to fuel cybercrime like credential stuffing.

That makes relying on password protection alone a dangerous gamble. Unfortunately, many businesses are still playing the odds by employing an outdated security tool like a password alone to secure their most critical assets – and that’s a game they won’t win. CISOs around the world cited secure identity and access management as their top priority for 2021 for a good reason – it’s a quick way improve your universal protection against cybercrime without blowing your budget.

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Can I See Some ID?

Experts agree that the top mitigation for cybercrime that every business in any industry can put in place is multifactor authentication (MFA).  By reducing the danger of intrusion through password compromise by requiring a second identifier for access, MFA adds strong protection against cybercrime. Everyone from CISA to Microsoft is on the same page: MFA is the right way to secure systems and data from cyberattacks fast.

We’ve got the ideal solution for your secure identity and access management needs: Passly. You don’t need to buy a whole new suite of security tools to secure your access points. This multifunctional weapon strengthens your defenses by adding a host of data protection essentials including MFA in one affordable, scalable solution.

Besides MFA, Passly also packs a powerful array of data protection tools. Easy remote management, secure shard password vaults and single sign-on are all included with Passly to reduce burdens on your IT teams and give you the flexibility to be resilient in the face of a cyberattack. Passly seamlessly integrates with more than 1,000 business applications and deploys in days, not weeks to boost security fast – at an excellent value too.

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MFA is a BFD. Here’s Why.

Here’s why choosing to protect data from cyberattacks by adding MFA with Passly is the smart move to make:

  • MFA defangs passwords that are stolen through phishing by requiring another identifier for access.
  • MFA drains the power out of Dark Web password lists, shutting down cyberattacks like credential stuffing.
  • MFA prevents malicious insiders or disgruntled employees from profiting by selling their passwords on the Dark Web, and it also
  • MFA protects your business from potential damage caused by password handling mistakes by careless staffers.
  • MFA ameliorates the risk caused by weak, mishandled, recycled, shared, and poorly stored passwords by adding a crucial second layer of authentication at login.
  • MFA is a compliance must-have – many industries require it for data protection compliance, and every industry considers it a best practice.
  • MFA mitigates the danger that supporting a remote workforce brings from staffers that are using less secure home networks.

Don’t wait until you’re faced with a cybersecurity disaster caused by credential compromise. Strengthen your security posture by adding secure identity and access management with Passly, the award-winning solution that every business needs to secure systems and data both efficiently and cost-effectively in one move.

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