Recovering CISO and Director of (TL)2 Security Thom Langford joins the show to debate Tripwire’s Paul Edon on facial recognition vs. security.

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The following is an edited excerpt from a recent episode of Tripwire’s Cybersecurity Podcast.

Tim Erlin: Welcome everyone to the Tripwire Cybersecurity Podcast. I’m Tim Erlin, vice president of product management and strategy at Tripwire. Today, we are here to talk about facial recognition technologies and use cases. I am joined today by a couple of esteemed guests.

Tom Langford: Hello again, Tim. My name is Thom Langford. I am the director of (TL)2 Security and a recovering CISO.

Paul Edon: Hi Tim. My name is Paul Edon. I’m the senior director for technical services for the EMEA part of Tripwire.

TE: Excellent. So as I said, we’re here to talk about facial recognition. We’re setting this up as a little bit of a debate. We’ve positioned Tom as being against facial recognition and Paul as being for facial recognition. Neither of the two are taking extreme positions, but we want to foster a debate that shows both sides of the conversation.

Use Cases of Facial Recognition

TE: Why don’t we start with conversation around the use cases that we’re starting to see in the real world for facial recognition?

PE: Before we jump into that, can we just highlight the fact that facial recognition is used in two main areas, verification and identification, and they are both very different.

Obviously, verification is more the type of thing you do on your phone or your iPad where it’s just comparing your biometric data against biometric data that it holds for you personally on that (Read more...)