Most Workers Not Interested in Switching to a Cybersecurity Role

A new study from (ISC)^2 revealed that most UK and US workers have a positive view of cybersecurity professionals, but few are considering a career in the industry.  It’s troubling because the demand for cyber security professionals is continuing to grow and is expected to increase with the continuing growth in cyber attacks.

2500 workers in the US and UK were polled in the 2020 Cybersecurity Perception Study.  71% of respondents reported they view security pros as “smart, technically skilled individuals,” and 51% described them as “good guys fighting cybercrime.”  But 69% of these same individuals reported that cybersecurity was not the right fit for them, even though though they also said it was a good career.

It’s expected that 3.5 million jobs will get created in cybersecurity by 2021, and with few interested in filling these roles, the shortage in cyber security professionals will only get worse.  As an industry we need to make cyber security a more attractive industry to work in, to attract more talent, and to encourage young people to study to become professionals in this field.

In addition organizations are going to have to learn to do more with less staff.  To help with this, more effective security tools, and tools that need less maintenance, have better integration with other tools, offer better visibility into problems, and are easy to use are going to be required.

K2 Cyber Security offers an application security solution, that has next generation technology for detecting zero day attacks, is simple to use and maintain, integrates with leading SIEM solutions, and can address the existing pain points around application security today.

K2 Cyber Security  provides deterministic runtime application security that detects zero day attacks, along with well-known attacks.  K2 issues alerts based on severity and includes actionable alerts that provide complete visibility to the attacks and the vulnerabilities that the attacks are targeting including the location of the vulnerability within the application, providing details like file name and line of code where the vulnerability exists.

Rather than rely on technologies like signatures, heuristics, fuzzy logic, machine learning or AI, K2 uses a deterministic approach to detect true zero-day attacks, without being limited to detecting attacks based on prior attack knowledge.  Deterministic security uses application execution validation, and verifies the API calls are functioning the way the code intended.  There is no use of any prior knowledge about an attack or the underlying vulnerability, which gives our approach the true ability to detect new zero-day attacks. Our technology has 8 patents granted/pending, and has minimal false alerts.

Get more out of your application security testing and change how you protect your applications, and check out K2’s application workload security solution.

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