Magnify Podcast: Discussing the New Normal with AI Based Cybersecurity Specialists, MixMode

The pandemic has created an extremely unsafe and volatile environment for cybersecurity teams. Overnight, 80 to 100 percent of the workforce began working remotely. Large enterprises and organizations have become a favorite target of hackers who have been lying in wait for a significant disruption like this. 

Geoff Coulehan, MixMode’s Head of Strategic Alliances, joined Secrutiny’s “Magnify Podcast,” to discuss the priorities CISOs should focus on to better protect their now-remote team of employees. He shares insights from his conversations with cybersecurity leaders over the last couple of months including:

  • The technical and operational changes they are making on the back end to accommodate the changing landscape of remote employees.
  • The traditional ways of establishing and understanding an organization’s normal network traffic behavior has been thrown out the window overnight.
  • Security teams are now bombarded with remote access, support, and security requests from a remote team, making prioritization a big challenge.
  • The shortage of experienced security professionals who are able to address security issues in a normal environment, let alone this new remote environment.

Furthermore, Geoff discusses the trends he is hearing about as a result of organizations reaching a breaking point of deploying too many security systems and the overwhelming amount of false-positives that these systems produce. 

Click play to hear more and the one thing cybersecurity teams should have to arm themselves against hackers:

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