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It Lives!

Late in 2018 I went to do an update of the WordPress version driving the blog. And, as is prone to happening, something went wrong. I looked at the site, at my own motivation to write, and all the other projects I had on my plate, and decided it was just time to let the blog go. It was the right decision at the time, I think.

Forward to yesterday. @mojo_sec pointed out a blog post I had written in 2014 on Impostor Syndrome and stated it was one of the things that they referenced when they felt like they weren’t as good as someone else.  It’s humbling and gratifying to know I’ve had a positive, lasting effect on someone’s life with my writing.  It was strange to read something my younger self had written from a far different perspective.  But it also made me think, “Wait, the site’s down, so how is it they’re still able to read that post after all this time?”

Turns out that the blog wasn’t as dead as I thought and that a random auto-update had fixed at least one of the problems that had made me give up on the blog in the first place.  Which prompted me to attempt to login, reset my passwords, log in, break the blog with a couple of updates, fix the blog with more updates, and write this post.  I’d been getting backups of the blog for some time and had toyed with the idea of writing my personal thoughts again, but hadn’t acted on the impulse.

My full time job is leading the team that creates Akamai’s State of the Internet / Security report, and it’s definitely something that takes up a lot of my creative energy.  You have no idea how much work collecting the data, analyzing the intelligence, and organizing it into something that’s not just accurate but interesting is until you’ve done it.  But I have an awesome team that makes it possible, and even fun sometimes.  Some time I’ll write up that journey and the lessons I’ve learned about security by working with the Marketing, Creative, and PR teams.  Some time when I don’t have to worry about facing any of them the next day.  🙂

So, the blog is back for now, it’s up to date, patched, and functional.  As much as a WordPress blog ever is.  

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