CipherCloud Chronicles #2: The story of CISO and the breached multi-clouds

It is the year 2020 and remote work has come to dominate most workspaces due to the pandemic. Security and Risk Management leaders across the world are looking to ensure the multi-cloud environment and the remote workforce is secured. Unmanaged devices, cloud collaboration apps, and a security unaware workforce further add to the security challenges of CISOs. Let us look at one such story a little more closely.

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A birthday cake awaits a little boy, Jack. In conversation with his dad:

Jack: Dad, why is mom so tense these days? Do you think she will make it in time for my cake cutting?

Dad: Jack, your mom has a lot on her mind. There are some major security issues that she needs to handle at work.

Zooming over to Jack’s mom, the CISO of an IT firm:

CEO: We had another data leak in the last three days. We need our Office 365 cloud environment protected at all costs. Most of our workforce uses it on a daily basis and any data breach affects business continuity, especially in these times.

CISO (Jack’s mom): I am working on it. This should be fixed soon.

CEO: Right, so you have said the last three days!

CISO (to herself): So many unmanaged devices, policy violations, cloud apps? How will I get all of our clouds protected? Office 365 is just the start. I bet sensitive data on other clouds also run the risk of getting leaked……. Moreover, it is Jack’s birthday and he will be mad if I don’t make it in time. But how do I fix this?

Enter Mr. Cipher…

Cipher: Hi! Are you looking for a way to secure all your sensitive data on popular SaaS clouds? Do you need additional controls to ensure valid access and policy enforcement across endpoints?

CISO: YES! This sounds too good to be true. I need to secure my multi-cloud environment starting with Office 365.

Cipher: Of course, for protecting sensitive data and preventing data leaks in the cloud, I have a solution that correlates user identities, endpoints, and accessed data to understand the threat context. CipherCloud’s Data Protection capabilities are tailor-made to address the cloud data security challenges, keeping an identity-centric focus on the Mobile-SaaS environment.

CISO: What about IaaS clouds? How do you measure the security posture of cloud environments like AWS, Azure, and GCP?

Cipher: CipherCloud’s Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution provides a comprehensive set of tools to monitor an organization’s SaaS and IaaS resources and assess security risk factors against best practices. Organizations can reduce the operational complexity of managing multiple clouds through a centralized security solution, prevent cloud misconfigurations that can lead to data loss, and enable consistent compliance standards across all the cloud subscriptions.

And so the discussion continues…

While zooming out, we see Jack’s mom making it in time for her son’s birthday celebrations and a happy CISO and a happy mom.

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