CipherCloud Chronicles #1: Two Gentlemen & The Honking Car


Secure Remote Workforce

Once upon a time, while driving to work- two gentlemen (the CEO and the CISO)  were worried, very worried about the lack of visibility in the remote work environment. While they were happy that the productivity of their employees was at an all-time high despite the pandemic, they were worried about the sensitive data silos created outside the enterprise perimeter. Let’s us zoom into their conversation:

CEO: What about data security?


CISO: Yeah! And how to secure the remote workforce? Right now, we have data silos across multiple SaaS clouds and no way to ensure if the devices accessing the cloud-mobile environment are managed. 

Honk! Honk! Honk!

CEO: Do we have a way to identify and classify these devices? The remote work environment should have some flexibility so that our employees can work effectively using the multiple collaboration channels at their disposal.

Honk! Honk! Honk!

CISO: I agree with that. But with zero visibility into the cloud-mobile environment and inconsistent policy enforcement, we might have to take that flexibility away! We can not have so many unmanaged devices accessing the organization’s sensitive data. Just imagine, the compliance trouble this will brew!

CEO: Should we expand the VPN?

CISO: VPN doesn’t work on BYOD nor does it support public clouds where our remote employees are connecting. Also, that will be too slow and the configurations will take a lot of time. Besides, VPN doesn’t solve our number one problem, cloud security. 

CEO: Okay, so what do we do? We need to secure our cloud-mobile environment with a scalable solution and strong policies so that our sensitive data stays that way.

CISO: Before all that, someone needs to stop this honking.


Both of them look out of the window:

Cipher: Hello folks! I heard you guys and am here to help.

You need a scalable solution to secure sensitive data across your cloud-mobile environment. Secure your remote workforce with strong policy enforcement, threat management, data protection, and ease collaboration across SaaS apps. You can also baseline user behavior and track the riskiness and security posture of your cloud environment.

CISO: That sounds interesting! And could address most of our problems.

Cipher: Let me set you up for a free trial! And you can check it out if it works for you guys. 

We zoom out and let the two gentlemen discuss further. We also see Cipher helping out other gentlemen on a data protection problem.

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