{sergeant} 0.9.0 Is On Its Way to CRAN Mirrors!

Tis been a long time coming, but a minor change to default S3 parameters in tibbles finally caused a push of {sergeant} — the R package that lets you use the Apache Drill REST API via {DBI}, {dplyr}, or directly — to CRAN.

The CRAN automatic processing system approved the release just under 19 minutes from submission.

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What’s in version 0.9.0 (or, better: “what’s changed since CRAN 0.6.0?”):

  • API retries! (#ty @jameslamb)
  • Spelling! (#ty @trinker)
  • No Java! (me)
  • 0-row result handling! (#ty @scottcame)
  • progress bars! (#ty @scottcame)
  • fix auth issue! (#ty @Ahine)
  • better docker UX! (#ty @davidski)
  • column order preservation (fixes #18)
  • new `drill_functions()
  • much better error messages
  • 64-bit integer support
  • CTAS from a tbl (#29)
  • switch to {tinytest}
  • DBI tests

Some of this has been in past blog announcements, but now they’re all together in CRAN.


Apache Drill 1.18.0 (if there is one, the company that bought MapR has abandoned Drill so the fate of Drill is somewhat up in the air) will have support for streaming resultset, which will make the REST API actually usable for large data returns, so that’s on the menu for {sergeant} 1.0.0.

Getting {sergeant.caffeinated} on CRAN is also on the TODO as it contains the separated out JDBC bits.

Many thanks, again, to all the contributors who made 0.9.0 possible. As usual, file issues and/or PRs wherever you’re most comfortable.

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