New Video: How is MixMode Different From Today’s Network Security Tools?

“With MixMode in the center of a program, we will make all the other security investments that you’ve made, better. So when you send data to your SIEM, when you send data to your SOAR, you don’t want those products to be overwhelmed with false positive alerts, with data you don’t need. You want to be precise and give your analysts exactly what they need to get their job done, in an efficient way, and be proactive.”

John Keister, MixMode CEO

MixMode leaders John Keister, Dr. Igor Mezic, Bryan Elliot, and Russell Gray share some of MixMode’s key differentiators to other tools in the network security and analysis space. These include:

  • Intelligent network traffic analysis using Self-Supervised AI
  • A heterogeneous, “single pane of glass” view and analysis into multiple kinds of workloads.
  • Multiple deployment options for any customer environment.
  • Transparency into the AI’s decision-making for better security analyst insights and decision making.

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