Attackers Inside Your Code: a Special Webinar by Reflectiz

Meet the Next Generation of Website Threats:

The Hidden Risks of Third-Party Apps 

Learn everything you need to know about the invisible dangers of third-party apps on websites. We’ll take you all the way from detection to effective mitigation. You will meet Magecart attacks, learn why you are accountable for third-parties and find out how to avoid financial losses.   

July 01, 2020 | 10:30am EST | 3:30pm UKT | 2:30pm GMT | 5:30pm Israel day time


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Presenter: Idan Cohen, CEO, Reflectiz
Duration: 45 minutes + 15 minutes for QA


Bio and company’s background

Third-party apps
Why they are essential but also risky at the same time?
The tools we all know and use
What’s that running? How we install our third-parties and what they really can do

Under attack
How attackers compromise third-parties to steal your data
Hiding techniques; Web-Skimming
The Magecart hacking groups
Some famous third-party attacks you didn’t realize

How can you solve the growing risk?
Your security controls: Static Vs. Dynamic
What is CSP and does your code review fits?
Storage tips: internal or external



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