Time to see it with your own eyes!

Bitdefender’s hard-to-beat track record in third-party independent testing stretches back many years. The latest 100% APT detection score from AV-Comparatives and the new Best Protection Award from AV-TEST are just the most recent proof of what the industry already knows: Bitdefender builds superior Endpoint Security solutions. There’s a good chance these technologies are protecting you even without you knowing it: a significant portion of the security vendors around the world use Bitdefender security technologies.

Now, 2020 is different. I’m not referring to the 2-month-old quarantine, which is a first for all of us. What makes 2020 different for Bitdefender are 2 very recent pieces of great news.

Bitdefender was named ‘Strong Performer’ in the 2020 Forrester EDR Wave

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technologies complement the more traditional prevention-based technologies (known in the industry as Endpoint Protection Platforms) by providing visibility, insights and response capabilities for suspicious actions that can’t be automatically categorized as threats.


The Strong Performer position is a true honor, as this is Bitdefender’s debut in Forrester’s EDR WAVE. Performance, security analytics, incident response and simplified management capabilities are key reasons for Forrester placing Bitdefender in a privileged spot in the Strong Performers group.

Bitdefender proved 100% coverage of the MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation Round 2

MITRE ATT&CK framework is new to many of us, but by providing a common language for cybersecurity and an open methodology to help develop and evaluate cyberdefense solutions, the ATT&CK framework brings immense value to the entire industry. MITRE ATT&CK evaluation provides organizations a superior degree of visibility into the true capabilities of solutions on the market.


The ATT&CK results show without doubt that Bitdefender achieved maximum coverage in the entire attack chain, with not a single missing step. “You can run, but you can’t hide” is the best short description of how Bitdefender’s EDR technology managed to shed light on all steps of a complex attack from the likes of APT29. You can learn more about the results here.

Now, it’s time to check it for yourself!

It’s one thing to hear others saying how great a solution is, and it’s another thing to see for yourselves. As Forrester is says in the 2020 EDR Wave: “Bitdefender is the biggest EDR vendor you haven’t considered but should have.”

We want you to have the chance to fully enjoy our EDR, so we designed a new program just for that! Our special Try Bitdefender program allows you to enjoy 90 days of free and unlimited use of our top eXtended Detection and Response solution, GravityZone Ultra Plus. The program enables you to install the solution in any environment you like (test environment or even production) to protect any infrastructure you might have. If it turns out you love the solution, and we think you will, you can simply introduce a new commercial key and you’re on. Transitioning from Try to Long-Term use is painless.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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