The New Generation of Cybersecurity Solutions: from Features to Outcomes

Today, businesses face a new set of challenges:

  • more aggressive cyber threats (higher exposure to risk)
  • increased attack surface
  • difficulty to find adequate security staff
  • increasing complexity of security architecture

These factors lead to an increase in the number and cost of breaches. The need has never been greater for visibility and insights into the environment, timely and effective response to advanced threats, and simplified security architecture. 

Security solution providers should respond to the evolving needs of businesses by reshaping their portfolios of solutions to focus more on improving visibility, security analytics, and automation of detection and response. The extension of Endpoint Detection and Response capabilities from endpoint to network and cloud (XDR) is also key, as it helps in the removal of silos and simplification of the security architecture.

The new portfolios also need to reduce the noise security operations staff must work through. This noise not only generates a higher workload but also increases the chances of human errors. Automated triage, high-fidelity alerts, and better guidance for fast incident resolution are essential capabilities to consider for future security products. 

The changing environment is also a catalyst for change in the security solution consumption model. The current model of acquiring products that are deployed and managed by in-house staff is being challenged by strong, fully managed, as-a-service type of commercial offerings. Services like Managed Detection and Response not only reduce the stress of hiring and retaining in-house security expertise, but they also shorten the ramp-up time and move the focus from features to outcomes. 

The focus on security outcomes rather than features is also valid for products. Customers are not so impressed anymore by the number of features a product includes. Too many features might even be a detractor as it increases the learning curve and penalizes performance. In a world of feature wars, security managers are becoming pragmatic, looking for how the product can ease their challenges and not create new ones. 

To meet current and future business cybersecurity needs, Bitdefender has introduced a new generation of security solutions that provide 360-degree visibility, automation, and breach avoidance capabilities for modern enterprise environments. Integrated Prevention, eXtended Detection and Response for Endpoint, Network, and Cloud is at the core of the new solutions. The updated portfolio delivers the highest level of security for enterprises while allowing the flexibility to choose the preferred delivery model: as a product – GravityZone Ultra Plus or GravityZone Elite – or as a fully Managed Detection and Response service. 

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