How to Upskill Your DevOps

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There are plenty of skills that are important to have if you want high-performing DevOps in your enterprise. To help us know what to those are, the DevOps Institute (DOI), and Jayne Groll, co-founder and CEO (@JayneGroll), are here to help. Here are insights from her All Day DevOps ’19 presentation, Upskilling DevOps.

The DevOps Institute is a continuous learning community whose goal is to provide a framework of skills and ideas for advancing DevOps in the industry. Let’s look at some results backed by research they’ve performed.

IT is a system of autonomous other systems. The various aspects of IT learning didn’t start off unified. These ideas, such as scrum and continuous delivery, emerged separately. Then DevOps came along as yet another initiative: how we deal with post-production support. 

The problem with these separate systems of systems is that there’s no integrated way to work across our tools and teams. We need to stop the system of systems and view software delivery as part of a single value stream; we need to be thinking end-to-end about our software. 

Becoming T-Shaped

In order to develop into systems thinkers, we must become T-shaped professionals. This means we have a wide breadth of knowledge but also deep knowledge in a couple of areas. For example, if we’re software engineers, we need a basic knowledge of test-driven-development. A cloud engineer may need to know some Python for scripting deployments. 

It’s what’s at the top of the T, as a T-shaped professional, that will bring your software performance to life. We need that broad knowledge to (Read more...)

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