RSA 2020 – The Human Element

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As a longtime security industry professional, I always look forward to the RSA Conference as it is always a great time. I particularly enjoy reuniting with colleagues in the industry to compare notes, discuss security trends, and plot new partnerships and alliances. This year, Bitglass had a nice booth presence and received a number of awards!

Booth traffic was consistent and the conversations we had were on point! RSA this year was particularly interesting because it felt as if the theme was the human element of security – from training on how to better detect hacking schemes like phishing/ransomware, better educating humans on taking security seriously, and making it more effective for themselves, their companies, and their customers. I have always wanted the security industry to pay some heed to the fact that their products and services always have a human component, either because of the initial set it up of the security took or the analyzation of the data is done by a human. Today, there is still much progress to be made as we continue to promote automation and AI as an answer to human fallibility. Security will always need to scale with as much automation as possible, but I believe there should always be a human element somewhere.

For information about how CASBs like Bitglass secure data, download the Top CASB Use Cases below.

Top CASB Use Cases

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