Building Blocks: Professionally Evil Fundamentals Series

We at Secure Ideas love security education. What we enjoy even more is affordable security education. So we decided to start a Professionally Evil Fundamentals Video series. These are short definition videos related to information security and penetration testing. We believe that these videos are for anyone who wants to move into information security or just needs a quick definition of a topic. If you are in IT currently, like a help desk role or entry level IT position and are looking to move up, or you are not in a technical position at all but are wanting to move into a more technical field, these are the videos for you. We want people to join the security field to fill the current gap in both skills and personnel . 

Our current plan is to release fundamental videos on a regular basis.  As of right now the schedule is to release 2 a week (Tuesday and Thursday). Giving you the opportunity to watch and learn in short videos, so you can spread out your studying, and not feel overwhelmed by long videos.  These videos will all be part of the Professionally Evil Fundamentals playlist on our Youtube channel. It is at

We have multiple ways you can contact us for more information as well as letting us know what you want to learn! Email us at or reach out to us on our Professionally Evil Slack Channel – You can also chat with us at our vendor booths at conferences or at any workshop we provide. We hope we can supply the best information, as well as the best training materials, to help you succeed and excel in the Information Security industry.

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