Samurai Sam

SamuraiWTF 4.0 Finally Released

In February of this year, Mic posted a blog discussing the future of SamuraiWTF. (You can go read it here if you don’t remember). As we discussed then, the build process that has supported this project for the last decade is WAY too difficult to maintain. So, we are changing ... Read More

Finding Your Weakness: Triaging Your Domains with SWAT

I have been involved in IT and security in one way or another for almost 30 years. I have worked full time for organizations and consulted in a wide variety of jobs and responsibilities. But one of the common issues I have seen and been part of is having a ... Read More

Professionally Evil Web Application Security Class Live in Charlotte NC

Are you a developer who wants to better understand web application security? Are you a security practitioner who needs to delve into web app penetration testing? Well now you have your chance! Come and learn how to hack web applications and services from our Professionally Evil experts! Secure Ideas is ... Read More