Einstein Told Us: Why User Awareness is NOT the right focus

Einstein Told Us: Why User Awareness is NOT the right focus

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Einstein (Well, not really!) Every day we hear another reason why user awareness (or better-named security awareness) is critical. We hear an announcement of another breach or social engineering attack. And then ... Read More

How I Became a Security Consultant: AbsoluteAppsec Interview

Every so often, podcasts and such will invite me to speak on a variety of topics. And this week, I was very excited to join @cktricky and @sethlaw on the Absolute AppSec podcast. I have known Ken for years, and he is one of the people that I admire. So ... Read More

Building Blocks: Professionally Evil Fundamentals Series

We at Secure Ideas love security education. What we enjoy even more is affordable security education. So we decided to start a Professionally Evil Fundamentals Video series. These are short definition videos related to information security and penetration testing. We believe that these videos are for anyone who wants to ... Read More

We take security seriously and other trite statements

Earlier this week, Secure Ideas sent an initial notification regarding an incident targeting us that took place at a vendor. The initial notification email is available at: https://training.secureideas.com/newsletter/aom-incident-notification/).We promised at that time to release more details as soon as we collected them and better understood the situation. In this blog ... Read More

Professionally Evil CISSP Certification: Breaking the Bootcamp Model

ISC2 describes the CISSP as a way to prove “you have what it takes to effectively design, implement and manage a best-in-class cybersecurity program”. It is one of the primary certifications used as a stepping stone in your cybersecurity career. Traditionally, students have two different options to gain this certification; ... Read More

Spring Break without Breaking the Bank: Hands On Training

Over the last eight years, one of the main focuses of Secure Ideas has been education. One responsibility we take very seriously is that of growing the skills within our clients and the public, with the objective of raising the bar in security. This mindset and core passion of Secure ... Read More
Samurai Sam

SamuraiWTF 4.0 Finally Released

In February of this year, Mic posted a blog discussing the future of SamuraiWTF. (You can go read it here if you don’t remember). As we discussed then, the build process that has supported this project for the last decade is WAY too difficult to maintain. So, we are changing ... Read More