A Message To Customers and Partners

Today, we are faced with an unprecedented crisis created by the COVID-19 virus.   The global pandemic is affecting all of our families, our businesses, and our communities. I am confident, nonetheless, that, together, we will all rise to the challenge to defeat this virus and that our society and economy will recover.  During this time, I want to reach out and update you on how we’re approaching the situation at ForgeRock.

All of our employees around the world are now working from home. With our highly distributed workforce and many of our employees already working remotely, this shift has been relatively smooth. We continue to deliver the highest levels of performance, availability, and security. We are  also asking our teams to work with our customers and partners through digital channels as much as possible.

We recognize that we have a unique responsibility to our customers and partners as a provider of digital identity solutions, which  are more important to you than ever before. We know that more of your employees are now working remotely and that they require seamless and secure access to company resources in order to stay productive. And we realize that more and more of your customers are choosing to work with you over digital channels instead of visiting physical locations. Businesses that maintain both a physical and online presence are seeing major shifts in how their customers are engaging with them. One financial institution told me this week that while their foot traffic has dropped by 50%, their online traffic has climbed by 300%.

The ForgeRock team is prepared to step up and support you. We are dedicated to your success. We have a number of digital solutions ready to go to help keep your remote workforce productive and connected. Please reach out to our Customer Success organization or your account team if you need assistance during this difficult time.

And please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at [email protected]

Stay safe,

Fran Rosch

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