The Next Decade in Policy Management is Automated

As your business grows, so does the pressure on your security team to do more. Automation is essential, but it’s not a panacea for the breadth and scope of today’s threats. Feedback from FireMon customers shows they know automation can help them. They believe, and so do we, that anywhere from 50 to 60 percent of recurring, cyclic tasks could be automated. That’s where automation really pays dividends. But automation is only as reliable with robust security policy as a foundation. It’s not a silver bullet.

With security playing a large role in driving business value, it is imperative that security, dev and network teams are enabled to keep pace with the dynamic needs of the business. We have found that many enterprise leaders do not believe that automation means automatic and prefer a phased approach that allows them to keep their hands on the wheel. This may include the application of gold standards to templatized workflows that enable some form of automation when and where they feel comfortable. But the reality is that there is a significant gap between what customers ultimately need and the how automation is applied.

So, where do you stand in your automation journey? Are you automating your current workflow? Even the most advanced network environments are not fully automated, so how do you measure time-to-value in your automation project? What structure do you have in place to support automation? These are just some of the questions that we are working to help customers to address.

If you have been following us recently, you know that we have released lots of automation content. You can bookmark the links to review later. Today, I invite you to check out two new helpful assets just added to our automation resource library. First, download this great reference guide from Forrester, “Gauge Your Infrastructure Automation Maturity,” which comes with a tool, “Assessment: The Infrastructure Transformation Playbook.” The assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete. Once completed, you’ll receive a score with an interpretation of your results. The assessment will be available as a PDF for you to keep.

The assessment may help you to create an automation plan or to enhance the plan you already have in place for your environment. No matter where you are in your automation journey, we know it can be a complicated one. So, we also invite you to join us on January 29 at 10 AM CT for our webinar Assess and Turbocharge Your Security Automation Strategy. During the webinar, Chris Gardner, a guest speaker from Forrester and author of the research and assessment tool, will walk you through some best practices and answer your questions live. In addition, Tim Woods from FireMon will share how you can automate at your pace and confidence level. This webinar is a must-attend if you’re looking to accelerate towards autonomous security using a powerful framework.

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