Intent-Based Security Next Step for DevOps

Intent-Based Security: The Next Step for DevOps

A new model is emerging that will give developers the power to implement security themselves based on intent For decades, application development organizations have cared about two things: speed and quality. These goals have led to new development processes, with DevOps being today’s state-of-the-art methodology for rapid, high-quality development. In ... Read More
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Security Gets 'Baked In' at VMworld

Security Gets ‘Baked In’ at VMworld

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Another VMworld has come and gone, but the latest one was distinctly different from its predecessors—and I’m not talking about the presence of “The Mountain” from “Game of Thrones” in the Druva booth. I’m talking about security finally taking its rightful place alongside the “speed, agility, flexibility” messages that typically ... Read More
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