Bitdefender selected as Best Network Security Vendor of 2019

The end of 2019 comes with great news: Bitdefender was selected as Best Network Security Vendor of the Year in the 8th edition of’s Hot 50 Awards:

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The award recognizes the successful introduction of Network Traffic Security Analytics (NTSA) in 2019 Bitdefender’s Enterprise Security Solutions portfolio. Bitdefender NTSA detects advanced threats in real-time and automates alert triage to improve incident response. It applies AI/ML and behavior analysis to the network traffic flows and uses insights from Bitdefender threat intelligence to automatically detect threats for all entities connected to the enterprise network. 

Furthermore, the recent developments of NTSA enable a tight integration with Bitdefender GravityZone Endpoint Security Solution Platform to provide 360 degrees visibility and insights on threats that might affect any device in the network. This integration tackles a critical challenge that many organizations are facing: endpoint and network security working independently, with limited or no integration between them.  The immediate benefits of the NTSA – GravityZone integration include:

  • Full visibility of all security incidents across the organization, leading to faster detection of malicious activity
  • A unified defense solution covering all the elements in the network, no matter if they support a security agent or not, like IoT, or are not under the management of corporate IT, like BYOD
  • An autonomous security platform that can detect and swiftly respond to cyber threats that might emerge in any shady corner of the organization’s infrastructure

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