Cloud Adoption 2019: A for Adoption


Remember remember the Fifth of November, and your company’s need for a data defender.

The Bitglass Cloud Adoption report, which has been conducted multiple times in the past few years, illustrates the magnitude to which organizations are adopting cloud-based SaaS applications. This year’s analysis of over 138,000 companies gives us a look at how much cloud adoption has increased, and whether companies are equipping themselves with cloud security tools such as single sign-on (SSO). 


Cloud adoption has been steadily increasing over the past decade and is currently at an all-time high of 86% across all industries. The market has consequently adapted to the increase of productivity and availability that cloud computing brings to organizations. As such, enterprises that are able to embrace the benefits of the cloud and maintain relevance in this ever competitive and changing landscape. 

In order to mitigate scalability hurdles and costly on-premises IT storage solutions, enterprises have also been adopting infrastructure as a service (IaaS), allowing them to scale with ease. The tech industry is at the forefront of IaaS adoption, with over 32% (industry-wide) – a 45% increase from last year. This is not surprising considering that tech companies comparably account for more market capitalization across all industries. 

In the past six years, cloud adoption has risen from a measly 24% to an astonishing 86%. In our latest report, A for Adoption, we compare the difference between the use of cloud applications with the adoption of single sign-on (SSO). Organizations should be adopting security tools that can protect sensitive information in the cloud at the same rate as major SaaS apps in order to minimize the risk of data leaks. Fortunately, with a cloud access security broker (CASB) in place, organizations can capitalize on cloud-based applications and solutions while keeping their data completely secure on any app or device.

To learn more about cloud adoption and how it has increased in recent years, download Bitglass’ Cloud Adoption 2019 Report: A for Adoption.

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