Clearswift wins DLP Award at Computing Security Excellence Awards

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Computing Security Excellence Awards 2019

Today, we are thrilled to announce our 2019 Computing Security Excellence Award win for Data Loss Prevention (email and web) – the second consecutive win for us at the awards! The Computing Security Excellence Awards celebrate the highest quality cybersecurity products, so it’s fantastic to see our Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution recognized for its market-leading offering.

Big threats need big solutions
Over the last year, we have seen an unprecedented level of cyber-attacks on global organizations, with companies paying nearly $1.45 billion in fines. The need for businesses to protect themselves from accidental data loss and unwanted data acquisition has never been greater. With 70% of financial companies reporting being hit by a cyber incident last year alone, technology to mitigate this risk is increasingly sought after.

As technology evolves, so do the techniques of hackers. For example, we’ve recently seen a proliferation of image-based malware and steganography, both of which are especially damaging to businesses because they evade traditional data loss prevention solutions. To combat these threats, providers of DLP solutions have developed new functionality that will take protective action to mitigate against them.

Functional prevention
Clearswift’s Optical Character Recognition functionality analyses images and extracts text, so that it can be processed like a normal electronic document using DLP functionality. Copiers and scanners have always posed a challenge to IT security professionals, as scanned PDFs can evade traditional scan-to-email features and the resulting attachments. The OCR functionality can be added to our SECURE Email and Web Gateway security products allowing them to inspect all digital images and automatically redact text if it breaks policy.

Another threat comes from steganography, which can be used to hide information in digital images. The technique exploits files by injecting additional content that doesn’t change the appearance of the file, so the naked eye would never know it had been compromised. Clearswift’s Anti-Steganography feature, cleanses an image in milliseconds, so communication flow is not effected and business can continue as usual. Clearswift’s solution reduces risk by ensuring all images coming in and out of the network are detected and cleaned, mitigating both external and internal threats

Competitive solution
Our DLP technology addresses the growing threat around data loss through images, offering the highest level of security and protection against data loss. Visit our website to find out more about these new technologies and the impact they have on information security.

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