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Pair GoAnywhere MFT with Clearswift to elevate your cybersecurity stance

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Many organizations have secure file transfer requirements, whether compliance-related, or simply as good business practice, to protect the privacy and security of critical organizational, customer, or trading partner information. Simply encrypting this content, however, is not enough in today’s every-changing cybersecurity environment.

HelpSystems’ security suite offers a wide range of options to protect business-critical data with automated solutions to help organizations stay ahead of evolving threats. One solution from HelpSystems that pairs well with Clearswift is GoAnywhere MFT. This solution is trusted by organizations across the globe for securely and automatically managing file transfers to provide the most advanced file security technology.

GoAnywhere is easy to use with a familiar, dashboard-style user interface. The solution can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, in a hybrid environment, and is available as MFTaaS. It is designed to ensure your critical files are safe both in transit and at rest, with automatic features to help reduce the opportunity for human error.

Reporting and auditing features also help meet compliance requirements such as PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA on any operating system.

GoAnywhere MFT provides:

• Unlimited file size transfers
• Customizable workflows or projects
• Auto-resume
• High availability and load clustering
• Auditing and reporting
• Encryption
• Volume and speed capabilities
• Secure email and folder options

Why Use Managed File Transfer?

Managed file transfer automates and secures file transfers using a centralized enterprise-level approach. Incorporating MFT software, like GoAnywhere, saves both time and money, improves security, simplifies server-to-server file transfers, and helps organizations easily meet compliance requirements.

Protecting sensitive data is of paramount importance in today’s environment. GoAnywhere’s secure MFT solution provides a safe, audited method to automatically transfer information within and outside of enterprises. It is easily integrated with the external cloud and web apps that organizations use every day without the need for programming or special skills.

GoAnywhere MFT + Clearswift

Pairing our Secure ICAP Gateway extends data protection capabilities to the MFT platform, allowing content inside the file transfer to be inspected for:

• Viruses, malware, and other advanced persistent threats
• Sensitive data such as PCI or PII information
• Unwanted file types such as executables or scripts

The Secure ICAP Gateway sanitizes the content so that the information shared is free from malicious threats and redacts any sensitive information so that the organization remains compliant. Adding an additional layer of protection to data transfers allows collaboration and file sharing to take place without compromising security.

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