CenturyLink Data Exposed to Public

Someone forgot to close the figurative “door.” A third-party vendor affiliated with CenturyLink misconfigured a MongoDB database leaving it open and accessible to the public for about 10 months. 

CenturyLink, a Fortune 500 technology company, was alerted by a security research firm that approximately 2.8 million records were left unprotected and vulnerable to potential misuse. Included in the affected database were API logs containing multiple pieces of personally identifiable information (PII), including names, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses, along with account-specific information.

While CenturyLink has stated that they found no evidence that its records were misused, it’s important to remember that any ill-intentioned individual with an internet connection could have easily exploited the records containing PII. Even more important is the underlying trend behind the story: security vulnerabilities go beyond a company’s internal IT products and solutions. The full risk profile  extends to vendors, partners, and any other connected parties. 

We live in a world where data is king—collecting, storing, and leveraging data is essential to running just about any business. All the more reason organizations must be diligent in protecting data with proper security controls. In this particular scenario, an automated cloud security solution, like DivvyCloud, would have been able to:

  1. detect the misconfiguration in the MongoDB database containing this information and then
  2. either alert the appropriate personnel to correct the issue or trigger automated remediation in real-time.

These solutions are essential to enforce policy, reduce risk, provide governance, impose compliance, and increase security across large-scale hybrid cloud infrastructures.

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