Feature Release 19.5

We are excited to announce our latest product features to the growing community of DivvyCloud users. We’ve added support for additional resources in both AWS and Azure to better surface customer cloud usage and compliance. Version 19.5 includes improvements to the Compliance Scorecard, enhancing the way enterprises audit compliance and identify risks in their cloud environment in a simple, transparent way. This release includes a complete reboot of our cloud onboarding, giving first-time users a newly designed form and workflow. In addition, we’ve added support and functionality for the main Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

We actively collaborate with our customers and the broader community to help shape our product, from its core capabilities and functions to its look and feel. Each release includes new features, improved performance, and additional support for the ever-expanding portfolio of services from the major cloud providers and our partners.

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Highlights of release 19.5 include:

  • a better experience adding new cloud accounts, whether you’re a first-time user or an experienced user,
  • improvements to the Compliance Scorecard, and
  • the ability to view cloud accounts associated with a role.

These highlights are fortified by various enhancements and added support for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

First-time User Experience Enhancements

This release includes a complete reboot of our onboarding—or  “Add a Cloud”—experience. First-time as well as experienced users adding new cloud accounts will now have a better, more intuitive experience. Our newly designed form and workflow simplifies the process of adding new cloud accounts, provides additional validation capabilities for certain providers, and streamlines the functionality around connecting cloud accounts. Additional details can be found here.  

Compliance Scorecard Improvements

We have improved the filtering hierarchy of the Compliance Scorecard. These changes translate to improved performance and better access to visually intuitive compliance information. Check out the complete Compliance Scorecard documentation for additional details.

Visualization of Cloud Accounts Associated with a Role

Users now have the ability to identify the cloud accounts that are within the scope of a role. In the DivvyCloud administration section, each role name links directly to information about the cloud accounts associated with that role. The link opens a panel, which displays information about the associated cloud accounts, including the name, account ID, and cloud provider (identified by logo).

Enhancements and Added Support for CSPs

As with each of our major releases, 19.5 includes enhancements and added support to the major cloud service providers: GCP, AWS, and Azure.


Release 19.5 includes the following new features and enhanced support for GCP:

  • Significant new ways to manage Organizations and Projects effectively
  • The ability to assign GCP labels (tags) for cloud functions and managed DNS zones


We now provide support for:

  • More AWS resources, including:
    • Athena
    • CodeBuild 
    • DMS
    • WAF
    • WAF-Regional
    • VPC 
  • Harvesting container image findings made available via AWS ECR

There are also several new Insights and filters applicable to AWS.


We now support these Azure resources:

  • EventHub
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets
  • Azure Resource Groups

We hope you enjoy these improvements and look forward to any feedback you might have. For a complete rundown of 19.5, please read the Release Notes.

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