Demonstrating defense-grade cybersecurity at NIAS’19


What’s new at NIAS’19?

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data provide NATO and Allied leaders with both an opportunity and a challenge. The theme at this year’s NATO Information Assurance Symposium (NIAS’19) – ‘Digital transformation; smart machines for smarter decisions’ – looks in depth at the innovations that could both support and threaten future NATO missions and ways to mitigate the risk. 

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The NIAS event, organised by NATO and now in its 15th year, brings together cybersecurity specialists from across the Alliance, industry and academia to discuss best practices, exchange views and explore innovative cybersecurity solutions that work to protect the safety of our infrastructures, troops and populations.

Making information safe for defense

Clearswift is a gold sponsor of the event, sharing its cybersecurity knowledge to benefit the Alliance. Visit stand G12 to learn more about how our products and solutions are used within defense organizations across the globe, enabling intelligence, data and files to be shared securely across the defense community, between authorities and throughout the extended supply chain.

Clearswift has over 20 years’ experience working with defense organizations all over the world, including NATO. With over 70% of our customer base defense and Critical National Infrastructure organizations, our cybersecurity solutions have proven capabilities to meet the specific demands of this critically important community.

The Clearswift solution

Given our long history working with this sector, our knowledge and technical capabilities, Clearswift is ideally placed to support the very particular digital transformation goals and opportunities that new technologies and approaches afforded by artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data offer, and the challenges that they bring from a cyber security perspective. Our products offer:  

  • Advanced deep content inspection and validation – data is recursively decomposed and inspected to an unparalleled level providing validation of content sensitivity and meeting the adaptive requirements for content modification to eliminate the threat of application-level attacks
  • Automation – manual information security processes can be fully automated, removing the need for human intervention, speeding up collaboration and increasing security
  • Rapid deployment capability– simple and frictionless deployment to minimise cost and maximise value, fully integrated into existing environments without the need to rip and replace
  • Multiple domain support – for architectures that will protect multiple operating domains and information exchange protocols
  • Security assurance – enhanced levels of cyber protection in the face of increasing state-level threats
  • Dedicated R&D support – Clearswift’s flexible, open and scalable approach is underpinned by an internal Defense Innovation Team working to support the requirements of the community.

Clearswift at NIAS’19

Clearswift specialists will be manning our stand demonstrating the capabilities of our product range and solutions for the defense sector, sharing proven knowledge on ways to enhance cybersecurity strategies. 

Come and talk to us about our solutions for defense applications: 

  1. a, Highly secure intelligence information sharing – gain full control in Managed File Transfer (MFT) environments of how and when sensitive information and files are shared both internally and externally with Clearswift’s SECURE ICAP Gateway. Deep Content Inspection can be integrated into managed data flows through a highly secure portal to address the need to share large and highly sensitive files securely and in a cost-effective manner.

  1. b, Supporting cross domain implementation requirements – with a growing requirement to share confidential information within departments, across national borders and throughout supply chains, defense organizations are looking to Cross Domain Solutions to help inspect, validate and verify data before it is sent or received into or between networks. Discover how Clearswift’s SECURE Web Gateway and SECURE Email Gateway can be set up to handle sophisticated policies and configured to filter the content on the traffic flow and prepare it to pass through a cross domain solution. 

  1. c, Protecting information across the defense supply chain – Clearswift supports organizations to comply with the emerging compliance requirements for sharing information between governments and its industry partners, such as Defense Cyber Protection Partnership (DCPP) cyber risk control requirements in the UK, NIST’s Special Series Publications 800 series and the impending CMMC framework in the USA, and other regional regulations. Find out how Clearswift’s Aneesya platform helps to secure information and ensure it remains protected across the entire information supply chain.

  1. d, Improving control of regulated ITAR information – The US Government has substantially increased action against organizations and individuals responsible for breeches of the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR). Find out how Clearswift’s SECURE Email Gateway (SEG) helps to secure against ITAR breaches, protecting defense organizations and ensuring compliance with the regulation. 

About NIAS’19

NIAS’19 takes place at the Lotto Mons Expo in Belgium from 15-17 October. Visit the NIAS website for more information on the conference agenda, workshop and plenary sessions.

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