The threat of unwanted data acquisition


Central to many cyber security strategies are technologies, processes and procedures designed to prevent sensitive data from leaving the organization. Avoiding data breaches is something most companies avidly work to avoid especially in the wake of several high-profile non-compliance cases reported in the media recently. The damage to reputation alone is usually enough of an incentive for organizations to ‘get their house in order’, not to mention the significant financial fines that can also be applied. With such focus on the prevention of data leaving the organization, what happens when data coming in is found to be just as damaging? 

Unwanted data acquisition is the act of unintentionally receiving or storing data. In our digitally collaborative world, where there are multiple points that data can enter a corporate network, the threat is significant and if left unchecked, is a ticking time bomb for data breaches in the future. So, what can be done about it? 

Prevent and secure

Download our latest cyber security whitepaper to learn how unwanted sensitive data enters the network and what solutions can be deployed to prevent it from occurring. The whitepaper contains: 

  • A detailed look at each of the risk areas: email, mobile and the internet
  • Technology tips, including best practice implementations and solutions to secure email and web collaboration
  • And finally, a five-step holistic plan to help organizations mitigate the risks that encompasses people, processes and technology. 

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