Akamai and Exceda – Maximizing Customer and Partner Value in Latin America Together

Today, Akamai announced an agreement to acquire Exceda, our largest channel partner in Latin America. I want to share what this acquisition means for our customers and partners, and why I am so excited about the potential that this represents for us all.

Initially becoming a channel partner in 2002, Exceda quickly became the largest Akamai channel partner in Latin America, selling the full portfolio of Akamai products. Today, and as a testament to the success Akamai and Exceda have enjoyed in the region, Akamai powers the websites of many of the top Latin American retail outlets and large banks, and has served as a force behind major online events for regional broadcasters. This success illustrates that not only are Latin American companies adopting cloud technologies, but that they have an appetite to surround and extend those investments with edge technology to accelerate and secure the apps and APIs that power their businesses. By unifying Akamai’s sales, marketing, and technical resources with Exceda’s local sales and support teams, as well as their broad and deep relationships in the region, we are confident we will continue to deliver superior results for our customers and other partners in this strategic priority area for Akamai’s business growth.

Latin America is a fast-growing market with a strong appetite for delivery, acceleration, and security technology delivered as a service. Exceda operates in seven Latin American countries, with offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico. As a part of increasing Akamai’s investment in the region, we intend to increase our direct investments in the partner ecosystem. In doing so, we will unify Akamai’s business practices that have proven successful in other parts of the world with Exceda’s customer service model in order to improve the support and execution of our other strategic partners in Latin America.

Together with Exceda, we see three clear opportunities ahead:

  1. Expand Akamai’s presence in Latin America with experienced leadership and personnel to service the region. 
  2. Improve the support and engagement with trusted partners, which is critical to our mutual success. 
  3. Maximize customer value and client experience, which is at the core of this acquisition, and of the utmost importance to us.

The acquisition of Exceda is a strategic step for Akamai intended to broaden our coverage in Latin America and demonstrates our commitment to grow our presence in this region. This is an exciting new chapter for Akamai in Latin America. We anticipate that the acquisition will close in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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