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Following a six-day Vegas experience, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on all the insight and knowledge gained from almost a week of eating, sleeping, and breathing cloud security. As one of the youngest Black Hat 2019 attendees, my point of view was quite unbiased and unsuspecting as I had never attended a security event before – let alone one of the biggest events in the country.

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So, thank you to Black Hat for making that experience so memorable. I, along with the rest of the Bitglass crew, had a wonderful time and got to learn and network for two action-packed days. For me, one of the most interesting aspects of the event was how easy they make it facilitate customer meetings. Bitglass hosted a customer advisory board the Sunday before Black Hat and discussed the company, where it’s going, and how we can perfect our product for those who are using it. We were joined by security executives from various industries who elaborated on the benefit of using Bitglass as their cloud access security broker (CASB). Hearing from this group of people was amazing and was a great way of learning more about how Bitglass plays an integral role in their security infrastructure. These specific cases gave me a front-row seat to see what our CASB does for companies, and to follow that up with a two-day event dedicated to cybersecurity taught me so much about our industry and product. 

To add, I’ve never met a more diverse crowd in my life, there were security professionals from so many sectors that came together for two days to search for the best way to protect sensitive data. From hospitals to government, construction companies to pet food companies – everyone was looking for ways to avoid a breach. When those security professionals came over to the Bitglass booth, we had a mix between people who were customers, people who knew what a CASB is and had heard of us, and people who weren’t familiar with our product at all. So, to help our guests understand what Bitglass is capable of, we had a team doing demos at the back of our booth. It was interesting for me to see how captivated the showgoers were, learning about our product free from the frills of buzzwords and catchphrases.

After a great demo with Shane Moore and Tim Davis, visitors understood what sets Bitglass apart from the competition. That is, real-time, inline security for any application and any device – without the use of agents. We also had a speaking session at the event with John Muir Health: “Data Leakage as a Service: Practical Advice for Securing your Cloud.” The session went over, as suggested by the title, how to gain an understanding on security issues and solutions when moving information into the cloud. This session helped many people understand the security adjustments needed to migrate to the cloud, and the solutions Bitglass can provide to ensure that information stays safe. Going into the week, I felt new and inexperienced – and while I probably still am, Black Hat gave me an experience that deepened my understanding of a CASB and its purpose exponentially.

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