How Local Governments Can Address Cybersecurity Challenges

As escalating cyberthreats continue to grab global headlines, local governments have been hit particularly hard over the past year. From cities to counties to townships, the breadth and depth of attacks have overwhelmed many jurisdictions.

Last year, Government Technology magazine described “Local Governments’ Cybersecurity Crisis in 8 Charts.” And our Internet problems and cyberattacks have only grown worse as we head towards 2020.

So what can be done? How can local governments, and indeed many struggling state government agencies, address these new online threats that consistently address risk in sustainable ways?

It is clear that “business as usual” is no longer an option. Articles from experts are starting to suggest stronger medicine.

In this article written by Dr. Alan R. Shark, who is the executive director of the Public Technology Institute, 10 reasons are identified that local governments should outsource all IT operations. Here’s an excerpt:

“Recent ransomware attacks have brought to light many deficiencies in digital hygiene that have exposed system deficiencies regarding system recovery let alone preventing the attack in the first place. Certainly there are cities and counties that are performing extremely well in meeting the growing challenges of security, modernization, innovation, and lending edge applications, however far too many are living with serious deficiencies; both known and unknown.

Given the growing complexities of planning and maintaining technology as well as having the right staff, many local governments might be much better off outsourcing some or all of their IT operations.

Public managers can no longer accept the rationale from their direct reports that ‘I am doing the best job I can. …’”

I think Dr. Shark raises many great points. Nevertheless, to gain another perspective, I turned to an industry luminary who is well known in federal, state and local government technology circles (Read more...)

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