Silex Malware: Deadly New Virus Bricks 1000s of IoT Devices

Your IoT’s not sick – Someone just turned it into a brick!

A 14-year-old hacker created a new strain of malware called “Silex malware” which bricked over 4000 IoT devices in the span of a few hours.  

Once again, the world is shocked to find that IoT devices are vulnerable to all kinds of attacks. As reported on ZDNet, and elsewhere, the new Silex malware has struck and thousands of IoT devices were attacked, and rendered useless, within hours – with no end in sight. As they reported “A new strain of malware is wiping the firmware of IoT devices in attacks reminiscent of the old BrickerBot malware that destroyed millions of devices back in 2017. “

With apologies to Jethro Tull, if you’re really shocked, you are truly “Thick as a Brick”. It is no secret that IoT devices have very low, if any, security. At best, some of them have passwords which are often left at their default settings or easily overcome by brute force attacks.  It’s no surprise that security concerns are one of the leading inhibiting factors to wider enterprise deployment of IoT solutions. Home consumers are less aware of the risks, although recent stories about hacked home webcams have raised (Read more...)

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