Talking Cloud Technology is Yesterday’s News

The other day I was on the phone with a colleague, discussing market trends of cloud computing. With me in the room was my 55-year old uncle, who heard bits of our conversation. After the call, he asked me why we spent so much time talking about clouds when the weather forecast was for a sun-filled day.

Cloud computing is a great technology which allows all types of organizations, big and small, to enjoy a flexible footprint, use shared resources, and ensure the latest capabilities and regulations updates.

Cloud isn’t new. Companies have been touting the benefits for a decade, but only recently do we see that organizations are starting to adopt a cloud-first strategy within their software development teams.

Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company, predicts that by 2020 most companies will have cloud-first or cloud-only policies. Factors behind this change include lower operating costs, improved time-to-market, better collaboration, and increased flexibility.

With more organizations using cloud platforms as the back-end infrastructure of their web and mobile applications deployments, the need to look at new methods of application security testing is emerging.

There are several unique benefits for cloud-based application security tools as follows:

Do More with Less

When installed in the cloud, AppSec tools offer high performance and the same secured environment with less IT involvement. Instead of spending countless hours to install, configure, and update the tools, organizations that choose a cloud-based hosting solution enjoy a reliable, secured, and hassle-free environment.

Performance Monitoring

Hosted solutions typically include additional services that monitor the performance of their cloud-based solution, maintain system functionality, ensure robustness and high availability with Active/Active redundancy, as well as protect servers from viruses, malware and attacks.

Up and About

One of the biggest hassles for any on-premises solution is scheduling and performing backups. In comparison, hosted solutions are backed up constantly (typical on a daily basis), with zero downtime.

I believe that cloud migration is a journey, and like every journey, the most challenging part is always taking the first few steps.

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