Announcing the 2020 RSA Conference Theme: Human Element

These are evolving times in cybersecurity. We’re constantly inundated with new strategies and approaches meant to stem threats. New technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning promise to fight the bad actors more efficiently than we ever could. And the wider, cheaper availability of advanced nefarious tools has democratized cybercrime. Humans, it seems, have been forgotten as key elements in this global fight. 

Yet the one constant force underlying every approach from security pros and threat actors alike is us, the human element. An automated future is coming to be sure — if it’s not already here — however our most valuable weapon is and will always be ourselves. 

As we enter the third(!) decade of the 21st century, we felt that RSA Conference 2020 is a good time and place to remind ourselves of this, hence our theme: HUMAN ELEMENT 

We are the human element within cybersecurity. That’s what joins us together. For some of us, it’s a higher calling that brought us to this profession. For others, it’s a gradual realization that the actions we take can affect every aspect of humanity. We’re the ones on the front lines, protecting not just data, but our most vulnerable people and every aspect of our lives — from election hacking to the weaponization of social media. We’re the ones making the hard decisions about privacy, ethics, usability, responsibility, and around how to ensure doors remain open for everyone. 

The goal of RSA Conference is to help the industry mature while preparing individuals to grow into their roles as defenders of the world. When we recognize that cybersecurity is, fundamentally, about people protecting people, the world becomes a better, more secure place. 

So please join us next Spring for RSAC 2020 as we look deep within ourselves and focus around the HUMAN ELEMENT of cybersecurity.

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