Video Streaming: A Hidden Threat to Enterprise Quality of Experience (QoE)

The Rise of Video Streaming Popularity

As Disney gears up to launch its streaming service, joining Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and more, video streaming is being adopted into the daily routine of many. Most people will download an episode or two for their commute home, and some people may even enjoy watching their favorite series at work while they finish that data entry task or go over invoices.

A dossier released by Statista this year points to online video consumption as one of the most popular internet activities worldwide. Online video penetration is near universal in many leading online markets, including Saudi Arabia, which tops the list with a staggering 95% online video reach as of January 2018. However, the US has plenty of video consumers as well. In 2018, 227.5M digital video viewers surfed the web consuming music, vlogs, talk shows, and a whole lot of cat videos. That number is projected to hit over 239M by 2021.

While those numbers are impressive, the frequency of video consumption is also increasing rapidly. 76% of respondents to Statista’s research say they watch videos at least once a month, with 36% claiming daily video watching habits.

Why is That a Problem?

The internet has become the lifeline of most enterprises, and (Read more...)

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