How to become a cybersecurity manager


A cybersecurity manager is an IT professional who oversees security systems and teams, identifies potential network vulnerabilities and devises strategies to counter the methods cybercriminals use to infiltrate information systems. Doing so can help the organization to prevent the loss of important data such as employees’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII), valuable trade secrets and customers’ credit card information.

In addition, the cybersecurity manager also saves time and money when information systems come to a standstill. To prevent a halt, he or she deploys necessary security controls on all information systems and networks.

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Though a cybersecurity management program is one of the crucial factors in organizations’ overall success, there is no universal standard to design and implement this framework. However, Cisco provides a Cybersecurity Management Framework which focuses on the following discrete areas:

  • Executive management
  • IT risk management
  • Cybersecurity and IT assurance
  • Cybersecurity intelligence
  • Secure systems
  • Secure applications
  • Secure network

In this article, we’ll look at some useful information about a cybersecurity manager’s job requirements, roles and responsibilities, job opportunities and salary projections.

What are the job requirements of a cybersecurity manager?

Academic degrees

If you are looking for a cybersecurity manager job, you must obtain the industry knowledge and gain the hands-on expertise employers are looking for. Earning a college degree can be the first step in this regard. The following sections will elaborate on degree requirements.

Please note: The interview stage is also worth mentioning and cannot be underestimated. You may be asked how you communicate complex information security concepts with a team, how you mitigate a security breach or how security measures should be implemented.

Bachelor’s degree

Many employers require four-year bachelor’s degree for cybersecurity manager jobs. The degree should be in one of the computer disciplines such as computer sciences, cybersecurity or any other IT-related discipline. (Read more...)

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