The advancement and evolution of cloud computing over the years has created challenges when it comes to data security, compliance and incident response. 
If data is found in the wrong hands, it can be disastrous to civil liberties and erode public trust of government. Many state and local governments are seeking cloud solutions as a matter of necessity, and are concerned with staying compliant and secure regarding the Criminal Justice Information Services(CJIS) requirements. 

What is CJIS?

Established in 1992, the Criminal Justice Information Services(CJIS), is the largest division of the FBI comprised of several departments. CJIS is focused on monitoring activities in local and international communities, employing analytics and statistics provided by law enforcement.

  • As such, their database acts a repository and source for criminal justice information (CJI) to agencies around the country. The rapid rate of change in technology, coupled with sophisticated security threats, has challenged the (Read more...)