Book Review – Linux Basics for Hackers

EH-Net Book Review - Linux Basics for HackersWith countless job openings and growth with no end in sight, InfoSec is the place to be. Many pose the question, “Where do I start?” Over his years of training hackers and eventual security experts across a wide array of industries and occupations, the author ascertains that one of the biggest hurdles that many up-and-coming professional hackers face is the lack of a foundational knowledge or experience with Linux. In an effort to help new practitioners grow, he made the decision to pen a basic ‘How To’ manual, of sorts, to introduce foundational concepts, commands and tricks in order to provide instruction to ease their transition into the world of Linux. Out of this effort, “Linux Basics for Hackers” was born.

It goes without saying that many of our heroes in the security world are either unknown or known by their nickname or alias on IRC, in chatrooms or even in real life. As such, in an effort to properly recognize the author of “Linux Basics for Hackers – Getting Started with Networking, Scripting and Security in Kali”, who goes by the moniker “OccupyTheWeb” (or “OTW” for short), I’ll quote the About the Author section directly from the book:

“OccupyTheWeb (OTW) is the pseudonym for the founder and primary writer for the hacker and pentester training website, He is a former college professor and has over 20 years of experience in the information technology industry. He has trained hackers throughout the US, including branches of the US military (Army, Air Force, and Navy) and the US intelligence community (CIA, NSA, and DNI). He is also an avid mountain biker and snow boarder.”

I’ll preface this review with the notion that this book, as the title clearly indicates, is intended for beginning hackers and penetration testers (Read more...)

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