2018 at PCI Pal in Review

As our organisation excitedly begins 2019, we are taking a moment to reflect on some of the highlights of 2018. Let’s recap, shall we?

January 2018, we saw the year start in earnest as the team attended numerous events in both the UK and US, securing a PCI Excellence Award for work carried out for the global retailer All Saints.  The award was in recognition of not only the solution itself but also the deployment of our solution to ensure All Saints were PCI Compliant.

Moving into February the pace didn’t let up as we released our Infographic ‘Piecing Together the PCI and GDPR Jigsaw Puzzle‘ and launched a strategic eBook campaign to provide the latest in news around compliance regulations and strategy with unique points of view around specific business objectives.

March was packed full of speaking sessions and networking engagements through events across EMEA and the US, which gave us the opportunity to answer some of the heaviest questions and concerns around PCI compliance. In conjunction, we released a new video highlighting how our flagship solution, Agent Assist, provides compliance within the contact center.

In April we put a heavy focus on helping businesses maximize customer experience through PCI compliance. In our eBook ‘PCI Compliant Contact Centers: Maximizing Customer Experience’, we walked through how organisations can provide a heightened customer experience through something as routine as PCI compliance.

May brought with it several awards for PCI Pal, including ‘Best PCI Compliance Provider’ and ‘Best Contact Center Solution’ in both Judges’ and Customers’ Choice for the CNP Awards. Our Agent Assist solution was recognised as a seamless solution that brought great peace of mind to businesses through its cloud-based architecture that enable contact center agents to deliver the best possible customer experience. Across global events, we utilised our newly released whitepaper, ‘Pause & Resume Call Recording – Time to Calculate the Risk’ to educate organisations on potential risks of compliance strategies that are becoming outdated and their vulnerabilities.

The PCI Pal team jumped full force into June with events taking place in the UK and the US with a strong message and new content with our eBook, ‘PCI Compliant Contact Centers: Maximizing Security’. Onsite at events, we were able to highlight and discuss that yesterday’s compliance standards won’t withstand the new and upcoming regulations of the present and future.

In July we displayed through a newly released demo video what the agent experience is like for our Agent Assist solution. This piece continues to help many organisations understand the value of being able to equip all agents to take payments over the phone securely, while also giving control and peace of mind to the customer, introducing a new level of trust in the brand-customer relationship.

We continued a wave of new content into August as we published several infographics answering many of the questions that flowed through from events and discussions.

September brought with it events in multiple regions, including PCI SSC NA Community Meeting where we announced the release of our joint whitepaper with Verizon Security titled, ‘Keep Calm and Descope’ as together with Verizon we conclude that descoping the contact center from the requirements of PCI Compliance is the safest way to ensure security. This paralleled the release of Verizon’s 2018 Payment Security Report. Our team released an infographic in summary of this report, ‘Verizon 2018 Payment Security Report: Compliance in the Spotlight’.

In October we expanded our event circuit to Canada as we held speaking sessions in Canada and the UK in both direct and partner events. Also in October came the release of our US consumer survey, ‘This is America: The State of Security in the Eyes of the U.S. Consumers 2018’, which has become the topic of many of our conversations with organisations across the globe. This consumer survey was covered by USA Today amongst other publications.

The findings of its sister consumer survey, ‘This is the UK: The State of Security in the Eyes of the UK Consumers 2018’ were released in November as our team held attendance and speaking slots at events across the US and UK. We also welcomed PCI SSC’s new guidance on telephone-based payments as it further cemented the conclusion reached in our joint whitepaper published with Verizon the previous month.

As we closed out the calendar year in December with webinars and events in the UK, and released an end of year quiz, ‘PCI Compliance this Christmas – are you Naughty or Nice?’ to figure out where your current compliance strategy will land you on Santa’s list.

What an exciting and busy year it has been, and we thank you for taking part in it with us! Stay tuned for regular updates as we fill out our 2019 calendar. Our team looks forward to delivering you industry leading perspectives, current news, and best practices in the months ahead.

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