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Managing critical file transfers across email

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Managed File Transfers

While methods for digital collaboration are increasing, such as Instant Messaging, Social Media and a multitude of cloud applications, email remains a universal business communication tool for businesses.

For those wanting to collaborate on a sensitive document, there are a variety of cloud-based solutions that enable this – for sharing a file or simultaneously editing a document.  Use of cloud solutions is also required if large files need to be shared. Email has limits on the size of files which can be sent and received, and the size of the files we work on today often break those limits. But, what if you are security conscious and don’t want to, or can’t use, a cloud service to securely transfer large files? This is where Managed File Transfer (MFT) is the answer.

MFT is a method of automating the transfer of files with maximum security, ensuring the sender remains in complete control of both the file and the system the transfer is shared from/to. It offers increased security and, most importantly, content inspection compared to other ad-hoc means, such as direct FTP or HTTP(S).

Clearswift works with MFT specialists, HelpSystems (formally Linoma) to create a comprehensive solution called GoAnywhere for all organizations who require this type of functionality, including healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing.

The GoAnywhere solution provides an ICAP interface which the Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway (SIG) integrates with. This enables comprehensive content inspection to be carried out on the files which have been requested for upload or download. Advanced Threat Protection can be deployed to check for malware, including active content embedded in innocuous-looking documents, providing protection for the organization against infection.

Clearswift’s Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (ADLP) enables the GoAnywhere solution to utilize both content and context in making the decision as to what can be uploaded and downloaded. Comprehensive enterprise DLP functionality allows organizations to look for unauthorized content to prevent it from being shared. Whether it is a simple inspection for credit card information, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or a more complex examination for Intellectual Property, the combined solution is easy to use and maintain.

Managed File Transfer (MFT) is becoming increasingly popular as a mechanism to effectively collaborate while maintaining complete control. The new solution from Clearswift and HelpSystems combines the best of breed traditional MFT with award-winning ADLP to create a solution which can be used by all.

Additional Resources:

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