GDPR Compliance

The GDPR deadline is here – so what next?

It’s finally here, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in full effect. Is that a sigh of relief I hear? Well, it shouldn’t be too heavy a sigh, there’s still work to be done! The first thing to remember is that just because it’s the 25th May, ... Read More
Cybersecurity Tech Accord 2018

Principles grounded in action will be critical to the success of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord

Language EnglishTags: <a href='/blog?tag=Cyber Security'>Cyber Security</a> <a href='/blog?tag=IT Security'>IT Security</a> This year’s RSA Conference saw 34 technology companies sign a pledge, outlining their commitment to ensuring better security in cyberspace for citizens and businesses alike. The Cybersecurity Tech Accord sets out to provide increased protection for consumers in their use ... Read More
Email Encryption

Today’s Email Encryption Options. Which one is right for you?

Language EnglishTags: <a href='/blog?tag=Encryption'>Encryption</a> <a href='/blog?tag=Email Security'>Email Security</a> Email encryption is the process of encrypting or disguising the content of email messages, protecting sensitive information from being read or accessed by anyone other than the intended recipient. With email remaining a key digital collaboration channel in our personal lives and ... Read More
Unintended Email Recipient

Stray emails: How to prevent a critical cyber security vulnerability

Language EnglishTags: <a href='/blog?tag=Email Security'>Email Security</a> <a href='/blog?tag=Data Loss Prevention'>Data Loss Prevention</a> The pervasive threat that cybercriminals pose to the security of critical information has dominated media headlines over the past year. Major data breaches, from Uber’s data theft cover up to the 147.9 million American’s affected by the attack ... Read More
GDPR Worldwide

GDPR – it’s not just for Europe: Protection of data at the World Cup in Russia, Tokyo Olympics, and beyond

Language EnglishTags: <a href='/blog?tag=GDPR'>GDPR</a> <a href='/blog?tag=Compliance'>Compliance</a> With the World Cup in Russia this summer and the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 further down the line; organizations conducting business around the event will face unprecedented challenges with cybersecurity and data protection. With the rise in data breaches in recent times, it ... Read More
Email phishing: #1 Cyber security threat

#1 Cyber security threat: Protecting your organization against email based attacks

Language EnglishTags: <a href='/blog?tag=Cyber Security'>Cyber Security</a> <a href='/blog?tag=Email Security'>Email Security</a> <a href='/blog?tag=Encryption'>Encryption</a> <a href='/blog?tag=Inbound Threats'>Inbound Threats</a> <a href='/blog?tag=Phishing'>Phishing</a> On Friday 12th May last year, a global ransomware attack, aptly named WannaCry, infected over 200,000 computers in at least 100 countries. It began with an email at roughly 8:30am London time ... Read More
InfoSecurity Awards 2018 for Clearswift

Clearswift Wins Gold and Silver at 2018 Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards

Language EnglishTags: <a href='/blog?tag=Awards'>Awards</a> This week, the winners of the 14th annual Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards were announced, with Clearswift being recognized for its achievements as a leading innovator in the data loss prevention arena. These prestigious global awards identify cybersecurity and information technology vendors with ground-breaking ... Read More
See you at RSA 2018!

See you at RSA 2018! Where the world talks security

Language EnglishTags: RSA Conference in San Francisco is one of the largest global information security events held each year. The event draws in up to 50,000 security enthusiasts and decision makers from across the globe who are keen to learn about the latest approaches to security. With information borne threats ... Read More
Document Sanitization and Metadata

Document Sanitization: avoid making your business look foolish

Language EnglishTags: <a href='/blog?tag=Adaptive Redaction'>Adaptive Redaction</a> <a href='/blog?tag=Data Loss Prevention'>Data Loss Prevention</a> <a href='/blog?tag=Compliance'>Compliance</a> <a href='/blog?tag=Cyber Security'>Cyber Security</a> Human error is one of the biggest problems businesses face when it comes to data leaks and unwanted data acquisition. There can be a number of systems in place to ensure that ... Read More
Smoke and mirrors: the key to a snaring a cyber-criminal

Smoke and mirrors: the key to a snaring a cyber-criminal

Language EnglishTags: <a href='/blog?tag=Cyber Security'>Cyber Security</a> <a href='/blog?tag=IT Security'>IT Security</a> <a href='/blog?tag=Malware'>Malware</a> Understanding your enemy is the first step to defeating them; a sentiment often touted by generals and commanders on the battlefield, but just as applicable to cybersecurity. Comprehending how cybercriminals operate, the techniques they use and the weapons ... Read More