Secure Messaging for Enhanced Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement is an Important Part of Quality CareWith all the advertisements, flashing lights and screens grabbing at us, attention spans are shorter than ever. This is just one of the reasons that everyone is shying away from phone calls, and that messaging has blossomed. When a phone call is made from one party to the next, the receiving party has to make a commitment to answer that call, and focus on that one call until it’s over. Ugh. But – if you miss the call, you also miss the information and an opportunity to ask questions. Messaging has solved a lot of that problem for many by putting a readable dialogue on your device screen that allows for quick and easy collaboration to occur. No pleasantries. No side tracking. Simply down to business. In a world now driven by rapid rewards this is a dream come true – but what does this mean when we want to engage our patients and encourage questions, motivate behavior and even ensure response rates?

In 2018, we in general – and yes even our patients – expect communication to be fast and efficient. And with sensitive topics flowing back and forth from patient to provider, secure HIPAA compliant messaging is not only necessary, it is the standard. Doctors and nurses face a daily struggle of balancing that requirement and ensuring that communication is thorough, efficient and effective enough to avoid cancellation and re-admittance, all while trying to improve the throughput of their facility.

Ideally, patients would be provided with systematic information detailing their visits, ailments, and treatment plans in a secure, quick, and easy manner. Achieving this goal heightens the patient experience, satisfaction, and loyalty while helping to ensure that patients engage with their own care plans.  The Vaporstream secure messaging and engagement platform solves communication issues that plague medical professionals and patients alike. Vaporstream engages patients with automated HIPAA compliant messages with just in time information related to their care, sent directly to their phone.   

With Engage by Vaporstream, there’s no more scheduling calls, and no more “what ifs.” You can fully customize templates to communicate timely, appointment and medication reminders, as well as educational and motivational content that can be pre-scheduled for delivery – all based on the diagnosis and treatment plan of the patient. A series of bi-directional texts can also inform patients of care practices, pre and post procedure information, and simple reminders to make dealing with any ailment easier. This keeps patients better informed, with a feeling of control – key for anyone’s morale.

For more information about patient engagement, watch our latest video on how Vaporstream customers are using the Vaporstream platform with their patients, or contact us to see Vaporstream Engage in action.

Contributor: The Vaporstream Team

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