Heath Davies, Finance Monthly – CEO Award Winner 2018

The Finance Monthly CEO Awards Heath Davies

Clearswift is delighted to announce that Clearswift’s CEO, Heath Davies, has been recognized in this year’s Finance Monthly CEO Awards. This win celebrates Heath’s ambition and his continuous drive to successfully lead and grow the global Clearswift organization.

The awards, held annually, celebrate CEOs from across the globe for their success, innovation and strategic vision. Heath has been identified as a being instrumental in achieving Clearswift’s aims and driving the businesses forward. With the finance sector being a key focus vertical for Clearswift, a large portion of its global customer base is, in fact, multi-national organizations within the industry. Heath’s Finance Monthly CEO Award Win is a testament to his dedication to understanding the business challenges within the sector and protecting clients from today’s cyber threats and data breach risks – within and outside of the organization.

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Heath’s Story

Heath joined Clearswift as CEO in 2012 to become the key driver of the Clearswift Executive Team, which combines decades of experience, knowledge and skill sets to develop the global company and technology offerings. The unified Executive Team, led by Heath, has steered the global organization to incessant growth and financial success over the past 6 years, creating a strategy that focuses on retaining good relationships with customers and technology innovation.

After a successful sale to RUAG in 2017, Heath now heads up the global RUAG Cyber Security business unit, which includes Clearswift as the product group.

The Clearswift Story

Clearswift has a long history in information security and has pioneered the technological developments within the industry. Founded in 1982, the company began by writing email applications on the MS-DOS platform. However, Clearswift really came into ascendancy in 1995 with the MIMESweeper range. MIMESweeper was launched to provide a degree of clarity in antivirus and malware protection for customers who – up until then – had no prior knowledge of this kind of inbound threat.

Since then, Clearswift has grown a successful portfolio of information security technologies, such as its SECURE Gateways, for email, web and Exchange, and Adaptive Data Loss Prevention solution, to provide customers with unprecedented protection against inbound and outbound threats. At the heart of Clearswift’s success is its unique technology, Adaptive Redaction, which has the ability to detect and prevent sensitive information from leaving an organization, and stop cyber-attacks from entering.

The key success factors for Clearswift are threefold:

  • The Clearswift Team
    The company has an exceptional talent pool that have been brought on during the course of the last six years, however many of the staff originate from the very early MIMEsweeper days who bring value to add to the team and the customer base.
  • The Clearswift Customer Base
    Throughout the Clearswift journey, customers have been at the forefront of every development. In essence, the company is about making sure that the customer is always protected and when they do have incidents, we respond very quickly.
  • Technology
    Innovation Clearswift has always maintained an engineering focus to ensure Clearswift remains at the forefront of information security innovation. At the heart of this, the focus is on delivering the best possible protection against all known and new cyber threats.

The Clearswift team congratulates our CEO, Heath Davies, on his award win and looks forward to continuing our journey under his leadership well into the future.

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