Can We Have NDR, Please?

We have EDR (thanks Anton!), but can we also have NDR – if only to make the world of acronyms more consistent?

Instead, today we have NIDS (detection that is assumed to be signature-based), NTA (detection by learning and baselining, and praying to AI gods). We also have not-quite-accepted acronym of NFT or Network Forensics Technology (collection and retention of traffic data in support of incident response).

But just like EDR is a detection and response technology for the endpoint, why can’t we have the equivalent for the network? Why can’t we have NDR?

Specifically, why can’t we have one tool that does signature-based NIDS, machine learning – based traffic analytics together with capture and retention of layer 7 metadata (and files and occasionally full pcap) for incident response support?

Well … duh. We do! There are several vendors who (IMHO) balance the needs of detection with the needs of investigation / response. In fact, nearly all NTA vendors now can retain some metadata and provide search, while the remaining NFT vendors died can do some detection. In fact, even some SIEMs can do most of the above – while also continuing to do SIEM stuff (but more on that  in later posts).

To me, this seems to indicate that Network Detection and Response (NDR) is real. At this time, at least two vendors use the acronym on their websites.

So, can we have NDR? Yes we can!

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