Security Boulevard’s 5 Most Read Stories for the Week, August 20-24

A new week, a new crop of security stories. Last week, malware complacency, Russian cyberspies, GDPR compliance and Mirai IoT malware made the headlines. In addition, we analyzed top security threats for web apps.

Mirai IoT Malware Variant Abuses Linux Cross-Compilation Framework

Mirai IoT Malware Variant Abuses Linux Cross-Compilation Framework

Researchers have found a malware program based on Mirai that has binaries for many platforms and CPU architectures, allowing it to run even on Linux servers or Android phones.The difficulty of compiling malware that works out of the box on the large variety of architectures and Linux-based systems used in ...
GDPR Mean for Intelligent Video

What Does GDPR Mean for Intelligent Video?

| | GDPR, Privacy, video
GDPR allows for increased protection of consumer privacy within the ever-evolving, contextual, technology-driven world.  Intelligent video surveillance has a bright future, thanks to increased demand for business intelligence and improved physical security.From a safety perspective, intelligent video has the potential to turn a threat response from a reactive measure into ...
Web Apps Reveals Security Threats

Analysis of Web Apps Reveals Current Top Security Threats

| | web app security
Thirty-four days. That’s how long it takes for the average organization to patch a high-severity web application vulnerability according to a study of more than 316 million security incidents released recently by web application security provider tCell.The report, “Security Report for In-Production Web Applications,” analyzed real-world cloud-based web application traffic ...
Ransomware payment

Microsoft Seizes Domains Set Up by Russian Cyberspies

Microsoft has seized six domains that were registered by Russian cyberespionage group Fancy Bear and mimicked the websites of U.S. political organizations and think tanks.“One appears to mimic the domain of the International Republican Institute, which promotes democratic principles and is led by a notable board of directors, including six ...
Malware Complacency

Malware Complacency: Time to Wake up

It would be easy to become inured to the multiplicity of security headlines, studies and vulnerabilities that punctuate these days in information security. This would be the wrong time, however, to allow yourself to become complacent about malware. Positive Technologies’ recently released “Cybersecurity Threatscape” report for the first quarter of ...
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