Q&A with IDC focused on ERP Security in Digital Transformation

Nowadays, digital technology being integrated into all areas of a business is accompanied by persistent cyberattacks. This is particularly true for such broadly used systems as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Taking into consideration that ERP systems are seen as the backbone software that assists in managing core business processes and storing personal data (e.g. customer data, employee data, and emails), it doesn’t take much effort to see that targeting ERP system is profitable for cybercriminals and can pose a danger for organizations.

ERPScan asks Martha Vazquez, senior research analyst for IDC’s Infrastructure Services research practice, several questions concerning ERP security in the edge of Digital Transformation.

Are ERP systems actually critical? Senior Research Analyst Martha Vazquez confirms that these systems provide many great benefits to companies, and the neglect of their security can lead to espionage, sabotage, or fraud. She suggests that a different approach is needed to have the 360-degree ERP protection.

“All too often, organizations are implementing ERP systems with a focus on prioritization of activities, functionality, timeline, and budget constraints, which causes security to be an afterthought “, Martha Vazquez adds.

Since both digital technology and machine learning influence ERP, the systems must adapt to the current circumstances.

“Machine learning can also help security groups by automating simple tasks that take more time for a human to accomplish. As machines perform these basic tasks, skilled security teams can focus on more advanced tasks, thereby improving security effectiveness overall”, she says.

Martha Vazquez gives general recommendations for enterprises that need to keep their business applications secure.

Learn the full-text interview – IDC, Securing ERP Systems in the Age of Digital Transformation, May 2018.

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