City of Tacoma Fined $300,000 For Witholding Stingray Surveillance Data

Both Cyrus Favrivar of Ars Technica and Kate Martin, writing for The Tacoma News Tribune, have reported (Ars, Tribune) that Judge G. Helen Whitener has rebuked the Tacoma Police Department’s for their apparent decision to not produce the surveillance output from a series of StingRay operations conducted by the Department in the City of Tacoma. Regardless, Judge Whitener has handed down the decision.

“Superior Court Judge G. Helen Whitener ruled earlier this year that the city improperly withheld 11 documents from the American Civil Liberties Union. On Monday, Whitener issued a ruling tallying the cost:
$182,340 for violations of the Public Records Act.
$115,530 for attorney fees and other costs.”
via The News Tribune reporter Kate Martin

As an FYI, The TPD is an excellent organization, and highly respected, both here in the State of Washington and throughout the country. – mh

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